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Gran's Cottage (1 Bedroom unit) 48sqm Eco Micro-Home (2 or 3 Bedroom Unit) 70sqm Troughton (2 Bedroom Unit) 58.5sqm Corner Unit (1 Bedroom Unit) 60sqm Click on Classic Granny Flat Display Model for Detailed Specs

Classic Granny Flats takes pride in its range of beautifully designed flat options. From the traditional Grans cottage to the more modern Eco Micro-Home, we have everything covered to give you flexible and affordable secondary suite choices. You can enjoy the full benefits of having a granny flat right in your backyard with our premium services.

Comfort and Style

With over 70 years of combined experience in the industry, we know what it takes to build high quality granny flats. Trust us to deliver the finest design choices, premium-grade manufacturing materials, and best installation practices on time and in budget.

Our granny flats for sale come fully-equipped with best interior and exterior features. As we always find ways to meet your quality expectations, we make sure that each part and facility will meet your every need. Our team of experts will make sure that your new living space is as comfortable and stylish as possible. We will assist you from the initial phases of flat designing down to the final stretches of acquiring your own granny flat for sale in Perth.

Beautiful and Functional Designs

At Classic Granny Flats, we do not settle for anything less than extraordinary. We are dedicated to delivering quality results, to make sure we meet your specific granny flat requirement and more. From the exquisite patio design to high performance facilities, we have just the solution you need. You can even customise your chosen design to better suit your living requirements. Be it an additional bathroom or a separate space for dining, we can get the job done.

Browse our top-notch selection of units now, and see which suite fits your preferences. You may also give us a call to know more about our first-class offerings. Our dedicated team is always ready to attend to any enquiry and provide assistance.